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Child and Family
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Traveling as a Minor > Accompanied Minors
Accompanied Minors

1. Transport Requirements
Minors over the age of 2 but under the age of 12 on the day of their flight must be accompanied by an adult. The ticket fare class for both the minor and accompanying adult must be the same. Air China defines an adult as an individual aged 18 or over with full capacity for civil conduct. A request for the Unaccompanied Minor Service must be made if a minor independently purchases a passenger ticket for a particular fare class.

2. Applicable Fares
Child Ticket fares for minors traveling on domestic routes in China are priced at 50% of the standard adult ticket fare for the same flight or other ticket fares with different discount rates. Fares for international and regional tickets are set in accordance with the applicable terms of use.

3. Passenger Quotas
Each adult may serve as the accompanying passenger for no more than: Three minors under the age of 5, one infant and two minors under the age of 5, or one disabled minor.

4. Free Baggage Allowances
Minors traveling on Child Tickets purchased at the corresponding fare are entitled to the free baggage allowance as specified by the ticket fare class.

5. Seating Arrangements
We recommend that passengers book tickets in advance and check in via the Air China official website or app. Alternatively, passengers should arrive at the airport as early as possible on the day of their flight so that the minor and accompanying passenger can be seated together. When passengers are unable to select adjacent seats, we will do our best to arrange adjacent seating for you. However, we are unable to guarantee that adjacent seating can be arranged due to the limited number of these seats available.

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