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Carry-on Baggage


We will specify the maximum dimensions and/or weight of carry-on baggage taken into the cabin. Each First Class/Business Class passenger can carry two (2) pieces of carry-on baggage, with each weighing no more than eight (8) kilos (17 lbs.). Each Economy Class passenger can carry up to one piece of carry-on baggage that weighs no more than five (5) kilos (11 lbs.). The linear dimensions of each piece of carry-on baggage shall not exceed 55 centimeters (22 in.) in length, 40 centimeters (16 in.) in width and 20 centimeters (8 in.) in height, which ensures that the carry-on baggage can be stowed in the closed overhead compartment or fit under the seat in front of you onboard the aircraft. Any baggage that cannot be stowed in the overhead compartment or fit under the seat, or baggage that is overweight or oversized, or baggage that we consider could jeopardize safety should be carried as checked baggage.





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