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Special Meals
How long before my flight do I need to contact Air China if I need a special meal?
Please contact Air China at least 24 hours prior to departure if a special meal (other than a kosher meal) is needed. We do not accept requests for special meals within 24 hours of a flight’s departure time.
How long before my flight do I need to contact Air China if I need a kosher meal?
Requests for kosher meals on Air China-operated flights from Macau to Beijing must be submitted at least 96 hours before departure; requests on all other flights must be submitted at least 48 hours before departure. Requests for kosher meals will not be accepted if the minimum notice period is not met.
If I requested a special meal from an Air China Ticketing Office or an authorized agent, do I need to re-confirm with Air China before check-in?
Special meal requests made at the time of booking through Air China Ticket Offices or authorized agents are subject to confirmation from the seat reservation system, which shows the request as "accepted" or "rejected". If your request has been confirmed as accepted, there is no need to re-confirm before check-in.
If flying on a code-share flight or a charter flight, should the passenger contact the actual carrier or the code-share carrier to request special meals?
For charter flights and code-share flights operated by any Air China code-share partners, passengers should contact the actual carrier to request special meals and must follow the special meal standards of the actual carrier.  For charter flights and code-share flights operated by Air China with code-share partners' codes, Air China will confirm special meal requests in accordance with Air China's rules for special meals, if the passenger made the special meal request at the time of booking.
How many special meals can one passenger request for one flight?
Each passenger may request only one special meal per flight. In cases of passengers flying with a baby, in addition to the special meal for you, you can also request one baby meal (BBML) for the infant passenger included in your reservation record.

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