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Booking & Ticketing
How to make a reservation?
To make a reservation on Air China, you will need to reserve a seat through the Air China website or by contacting an Air China local sales office. Once a seat is reserved, you will need to purchase your ticket within the specified timeframe required by Air China. If you fail to purchase your ticket within the specified timeframe, the seat reservations will be cancelled.
How to calculate the validity period of a ticket?
The validity period of a special fare ticket is calculated according to related regulations. The validity period of a normal fare ticket which includes a one-way, round trip or multiple segment trip is one year. The validity period of an open ticket (non-scheduled flight) is calculated from 00:00 (zero hour) of the day after the date of the ticket issuance. The validity period of a fixed time ticket (scheduled flight) is calculated from the date after the commencement of travel. For all unused tickets, the validity period is one year from the date of issuance.
How to make changes to a ticket?
If you would like to change the flight route, the date of the flight or the class of service, please contact Air China as soon as possible. Changes will be made depending on the type of ticket that was purchased and the seat availability. According to ticket regulations, you may be required to pay an additional fee for any ticket changes.
How to get a ticket refund?
If you would like to request a refund, it will be handled according to the terms and conditions of the ticket that was purchased. Refunds can only be handled within the validity period of the ticket at the original purchase place of the ticket. For electronic ticket purchases, refunds can be requested online at Air China’s website.
Why are there different fares for Economy Class tickets?
Economy Class offers different sub-cabin seat choices for different fares. If you visit Air China's official website,or dial the sales hotline 95583, we will introduce the best offer first.
Can I change the name on my ticket if I find an error after the ticket has been issued?
E-tickets are issued to specific individuals and the passenger name can not be changed after the ticket is purchased. Please be sure that the passenger name is correct before you purchase your ticket.
Why is my ticket considered a special ticket even though it's rather expensive?
Special fares are those that are offered from time to time by Air China based on flight demand and market conditions. These fares are in addition to our regular published fares and their pricing may vary.
When is the best time to find low priced tickets?
Tickets are sold through a nationwide network that is continuously updated each time a ticket is purchased. Ticket prices fluctuate based on demand. Please check the Air China website or call the sales hotline for the most current pricing information.
Why must I provide a phone number when I book a ticket?
We recommend that you provide your phone number so that we can inform you if there are changes to your flights.
Can passengers with a Chinese passport purchase one-way tickets to Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Djakarta or Singapore?
Chinese citizens must have round trip tickets with definite dates and seat assignments in order to be admitted to these destinations. One-way tickets do not qualify passengers for entry with a short term visa. Please contact the countries' embassies directly for more information about visa requirements before you purchase your tickets.
How can I purchase a ticket if my name contains uncommon characters?
Use the Chinese phonetic alphabet starting from any uncommon characters that you can't type.
How can I purchase a ticket if my English name is too long?
You can abbreviate your middle name to its initial letter.
Why is there a "stu" logo after my name?
The "stu" logo identifies an overseas student ticket.
Can I reserve a ticket online and pay for it at the airport?
No. Online reservations are held for 20 minutes. Any reservations not purchased within that time will automatically be cancelled.
Where are the special offers for disabled soldiers and police officers available?
To provide special benefits fordisabledsoldiers and policemen and to provide them with better service when they purchase tickets, according to requirements from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), disabled soldiers and police officers qualify for a 50% discount off  standard adult fares for domestic flight ticketspurchased at any Air China sales office in China, when they show their original credentials awarded by the Ministry of Civil Affairs ("People's Republic of China Disabled Revolutionary Servicemen Certificate" or "Pension Certificate for Disabled Policein the People's Republic of China")
How many tickets are required in order to qualify for group fares?
Ten tickets or more are required in order to qualify for group fares.
Which credit cards can be used to purchase tickets through the sales hotline (95583)?
Currently, the following credit cards can be used: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINER'S CLUB and JBC credit cards issued by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Industrial Bank, China Citic Bank, China Merchants Bank, Bank of Communications, China Minsheng Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, and Bank of China.
Is the letter of authorization required to use an overseas credit card to purchase tickets over the telephone?
Yes, Please note that overseas credit cards can only be used to purchase tickets for the card holder or for a group of passengers that includes the card holder.
What passport information is required in order to make a reservation on an international flight?
Passport number, expiration date and date of birth

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