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General Passenger Transportation Information
If I've purchased an Air China ticket, can I change the date using 95583?
If your ticket contains a provision that allows you to change the date, and you can provide your name, ID number, ticket number and flight information, you can request a change of date through 4088. Any costs associated with the change can be paid by credit card.
If I booked my ticket from an agency, can I confirm it through 95583?
Yes. You must provide the passenger's name, ticket number and ID number.
Can I extend the validity of my ticket? If so, how can I request an extension?
The validity of domestic tickets can not be extended. Whether international tickets can be extended is determined by the company that issued the ticket. Please check about validity periods prior to purchasing a ticket from an international carrier.
If I miss a scheduled flight, do I need to cancel my seat in advance?
There is no penalty for missing a domestic flight, but we suggest that you cancel your seats in advance, in order to make them available for other passengers. For international flights, passengers should inquire prior to the date of the flight whether there is a penalty for missing a scheduled flight.
If my flight is canceled, what should I do?
If you are informed in advance that your flight will be canceled, Air China will change or refund your ticket at no cost to you. We suggest that you contact us as soon as possible, so that we can quickly rebook your ticket on the next available flight.
How can I check the flight status?
You can dial 95583 or log on to Air China's official website for updated flight information.
Can I change the date of a ticket I bought using mileage by calling 95583?
Yes, but you will need to pay any costs associated with the change at an Air China sales office.
How can I reserve a seat in the emergency exit row?
Seats in emergency exit rows can not be reserved in advance.
Is there an escort service available for senior citizens?
At present Air China doesn't offer special services for senior citizens.
Is there an age limit for senior citizens to fly?
Air China has no age limit for senior citizens, as long as the physical condition of the passenger is suitable for air travel. We suggest that senior citizens should be accompanied by healthy adults.
Is there a limit to the number of infants or children that one adult can take on board?
One adult can take at most three children or one infant and two children, or two infants (one of the infants should buy a children's ticket).
Do I need to pay special attention to infants when the plane is taking off, landing or during the flight?
Because there will be pressure in the cabin caused by the change in altitude when the plane is taking off or landing, your infant may cry because of discomfort in the ears. This is a normal situation. During these times, you can give the infant a nursing bottle or feed it, which will help relieve the pressure in the ears. If your infant has special needs, you can bring your own infant foods or snacks.
After I have purchased a ticket, how can I verify it?
You can call us at 4008158888 or visit official website and use the Self-Service –Services-Ticket Authentication.
After I have bought insurance, how can I confirm it?
If you've bought insurance through Air China's official website or 95583, you can see confirmation on the lower right corner of your itinerary page.
I've already purchased a ticket, but now the fare is lower, will Air China refund the difference to me?
It is common practice for airlines to adjust fares according to market demand. The fare for your ticket was determined at the time you bought it. Air China will not refund the difference in price.
What types of aircraft does Air China have?
Boeing 787, 777, 747, and Airbus 330, 340.
I haven't received the itinerary page for my e-ticket. Will that impact my trip?
No. However, the itinerary is used to apply for reimbursement. You should keep it in a safe place. If you need to apply for a refund, you will be asked to return the itinerary.
How can I obtain a copy of my itinerary?
If you bought your ticket through Air China's website, you can choose either online access or calling the Air China service hotline 95583 to apply for the service. If you've bought your ticket through other channels, please go to the place where you purchased your ticket and ask for a copy of your itinerary.
If I changed the date of my ticket, what documents will I need to apply for a refund?
You will need two itineraries to request a refund. One is the itinerary for your original ticket, showing the fare that you paid. The other is the modified itinerary showing the fees charged for the changes.
Must I print my itinerary at the departure airport?
No, you can print it at any airport where Itinerary/Receipt printing is available.
After I have booked my ticket, can I change my ID number.?
The ID number. on the ticket should be the same as that on the passenger's ID card.. If they are different, you should contact the place where you bought your ticket to change it before you check in.
Where is the Air China check in counter at Shanghai Pudong Airport?
Air China's check-in counters are located in the No. 2 Terminal. Check-in procedures are stopped 45minutes before departure time.
Do code share flights earn Air China mileage credit?
If the airline that operates your flight is a member of the Star Alliance, you can earn mileage credit for the flight. If the airline that operates your flight is not a member of Star Alliance but is a cooperative partner of Air China, you can still earn mileage. If the flight is operated by an airline that isn't a partner with Air China or a member of the Star Alliance, you will not earn mileage credit for the flight.

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